The day the music died

If the following video does not give you goosebumps then you either a) have no soul or b) are one of those people who don’t “like” or “care” about music which I don’t understand. Whatever. Upon viewing this interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” my boyfriend made the comment “when a member of Led Zeppelin dies I will give up completely on music.”  A little dramatic, yes, but somewhat true. What music of our generation could be viewed as strongly and as life changing as the sound that is Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or even the Stones? I’m not saying that there isn’t quality music being produced during this time but not as well known as Led or one of the aforementioned artists were during their golden years.  The 60s and 70s were the Golden Age of music.  Sounds produced that were new and different and revolutionary.  Now what’s happening? Sure there’s sound that’s different and new but popular culture seems to be more interested in “artists” such as Justin Bieber or Ke$ha.  What happened to good quality music being of the most interest and meaning to the majority of the population? Or am I just completely in outfield on this one? Agree or disagree? What music has changed your life since the early 90s?

Has music died?  Are we doomed to have music dominated now by lyrics like “baby baby baby oh baby yeah” or “throw some glitter make it rain?” What happened to songs being dominated by words of more meaning? 
“There’s a feeling I get 
When I look to the west, 
And my spirit is crying for leaving.”
Those are words that actually mean something and can be used for interpretation.  There aren’t many ways you can interpret “throw some glitter make it rain.”

 No matter your views, here’s a reminder of how music should leave you feeling: inspired and feelinnnnn gooooood.


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