Music really does make or break a scene or even a moment IRL (in real life).  Think about it- you’re dancing with the man of your dreams while Clapton’s “Wonderful Tonight” is playing in the background and you’re looking in each other’s eyes and everything is so perfect and wonderful and magical when all of a sudden, oh what’s up? Just “In Da Club” is now the song of choice and you and Mr. Wonderful immediately release your loving grasp upon one another and awkwardly look at each other like “sooo should we grind or what….?” Or what is right. Consider your moment ruined.  They should have something called songbombing.  It’s like photobombing but what happens when a perfect moment is ruined by “Window to the Wall” or maybe your grind sesh is ruined by some Sir Elton John. Whatever floats your boat.  All I know is you can’t get your grind on with James Taylor playing in the background and you can’t have a prince charming moment with Jay Z bumping through the speakers. Or maybe you can. Depends on your version of Prince Charming I guess.

What I’m getting at here is that Wes Anderson might be a genius when it comes to soundtracks.  Dude has a gift for picking the right song at the right moment in a film.  I think one of the easiest ways to ruin a movie or a moment is to pick the wrong song. I think everyone can agree with me when I say there’s nothing worse than your iPod being on shuffle at a party and a song from High School Musical 2: Summer Vacation suddenly comes on. Yeah, no one believes you when you say you put it on there for your best friend’s cousins little brother that one time you had to babysit him. Just learn your lesson: don’t kill a moment with a songbomb.  And take a few pointers from the amazing Wes Anderson on how to create the perfect soundtrack by reading this post. (Number 1 on the list literally makes me want to cry because of how perfect it is.)


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