Quit being a bitch

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks.  I thought that meant that I was allowed to mope around, lay in bed all day, cry on a whim, act like I was the only person in the world who was having a tough time.  But then, I had a realization.  I looked at myself and said “Fraser, quit acting like a whiny bitch.”  Because that’s exactly how I was acting.  Like a little bitch. For one reason or another I had somehow forgotten how amazing and wonderful my life is.  Want the quickest and easiest way to feel like a spoiled rotten brat?  Make a list of all the things that you like and that are good about your life.  Seriously, once you get to number 10 you start to feel like a huge douche.  It’s also the quickest and easiest way to feel happy and excited about the wonderful life you have. You’re alive, at least for the moment, that’s not something to take for granted.  In honor of this list that changed my way of thinking and literally stopped by self pity rampage in its tracks, I’ve decided to share the first couple things on the list with you.

1. I have an amazing, supportive, and hilarious family.
2. My brother and sister are 2 of my best friends.
3. I have a wonderful and loving and positive network of friends who constantly make sure I know how great I am.
4. I have 3 cats.
5. My dog loves me and knows when I’m sad and refuses to leave my side during those times.
6. I don’t like sucky music.
7. I have been blessed (I hate using that word for some reason but I don’t know what other word I could use in this situation) with more opportunities and second chances than I could ever deserve.
8. I live in a place where a cold day is considered like 50 degrees.
9. I have like never had to deal with acne or braces. 
10. I’ve kept up with a pair of Ray Bans for over a year now.

I literally have no reason to act like my life sucks because it doesn’t. Being sad is a decision.  You forget how great your life is when you want to forget and be sad.  Being happy really is a state of mind.  And you’re never going to get there if all you do is feel bad for yourself. Luckily, I have people I don’t deserve in my life who are there to constantly remind me of that and don’t let me forget.  So, if your friends and family suck and don’t remind you of that: QUIT BEING A BITCH.Image

or google Jack Kerouac quotes for some quick, positive words.
and then listen to these songs. If you don’t feel at least one decibel of happiness afterwards then I really don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you just don’t have a heart.


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