The pursuit of life-long humor

While covering a meeting today for work I ended up chatting with one of the head honchos afterwards. During this minuscule conversation he mentioned to me how much he enjoyed my writing and that I have a good sense of humor. Which I enjoyed hearing very much, obviously, but what troubled me is his comment which followed: that humor will soon go away once real life hits. Wait, what? Hold the phone. Let’s revisit that again. Humor will disappear the longer you’re involved in real life is what I gathered from that. Now, I don’t know this gentleman very well so he very well could have been joking in his own way and I just didn’t get the joke but this still troubled me. For starters, how dare he imply that my humor would fade! “You don’t even know me!” I wanted to shout in his face. But, alas, I did not. I simply responded with a worried laugh and an “I hope not.”

Upon arriving back at home base (the office) I mentioned the comment to my editor who assured me that after being around for 48 years he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. So, I guess that’s hopeful. I never want to lose my sense of humor. Although I don’t find myself funny really at all, I will acknowledge that I have no difficulty in finding humor in tough or embarrassing situations that I get myself into. Which believe it or not, happens quite frequently. For example, the other night while groggy on sleeping pills, I sent a picture of a goldendoodle to a variety of people including someone who I sadly, have a crush on and also don’t know very well at all. Now I’ll admit, I was somewhat embarrassed when I woke up the next morning and saw the damage I had done and having no recollection of why or even doing this but I also found it extremely funny. Like, who does that? And why? It’s too weird and bizarre and makes for a great story to get a laugh from my friends who surprisingly enough weren’t the least bit shocked that I would do something as awkward as that.


(not the picture I sent but how great are these dogs?!)

After that confusing conversation to start the day off, I have decided that a promise to myself, a pact if you will, is in order. So, I Fraser, promise to myself to never take life too seriously and to never forget to find the humor. Because, while every single day can’t and won’t be a good day, there is still something good that happens in every day. No matter how terribly or dreary a day seems, I always know that there will be at least one thing that will bring a smile to my face. Be it my favorite bakery having my favorite pastry in stock, a text from a friend saying how much she enjoys reading my blog (love you Mard), someone sending my editor a Facebook message on what a great move it was to hire me, an email from a friend in the Army overseas (miss you Dylan) or arriving to work with an email from my publisher praising my latest page- it’s the little things that get you through the day or week or month. Those little moments of relief or laughter or sunshine are the things that matter and that you’ll remember. Not the fact that you woke up with a headache or are tired. You’ll remember the kind words and feeling like you have a purpose at least for a few minutes.


So here’s to a weekend that I have high hopes for being an amazing one filled with all of my siblings being in the same place for more than a day, laughs, dear friends both old and new(ish), adult beverages, Easter and of course the Carolina Cup.

And just because this is the song I currently can’t get enough of and makes me deliriously happy:


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