99 problems but my life ain’t one

If I had to sum up this past weekend in a few phrases or words they would be: Jack, we stole a chicken, fancy tent, I have the greatest friends and family and portapotty man. I realize that these are some interesting word choices and phrases none of which have anything to do with a horse race. Or so you would think… they actually all have a lot to do with a horse race, just not necessarily horses. I will now explain each to you because otherwise you would be very confused and probably draw some very wrong conclusions on your own about the list.

  1. Jack: Jack is a tiny chicken made out of what I’m pretty sure is yellow pipe cleaners and felt. When Hannah first caught a glimpse of Jack, you could say it was love at first sight or something along those lines. It was an immediate attraction and from that point on, Jack was Hannah’s and Hannah was Jack’s. It’s a romance for the books and gives hope to everyone- you can find love at the Cup and in Camden for that matter. Anyways, Jack (obviously) joined us for the remainder of the weekend. From joining the band on stage on Friday night to enjoying the perks of Press Parking, Jack was there. He met many people and was witness to many shambling conversations and actions. I don’t know where that tiny chick is now but I do know that he had one hell of a weekend.


    Jack with the band


    Jack at Press Parking


    Jack and adult beverages

  2. We stole a chicken: continuing the chicken tradition that I guess was rampant in this past weekend, Lizzie and I were accomplices in Mary stealing a caged chicken from a fraternity parking space. If any of you know the Calk sisters, you know that they have a strong inclination for animals and their rights. The last thing any of them would want would to see an animal caged and unhappy against his or her own will. These girls love animals more than anyone I’ve ever met. Needless to say, if those people didn’t want their chicken stolen then they should have kept it out of sight so that this incident of rescue couldn’t have taken place. After trying to turn the chicken into the police who claimed that there was nothing they could do with it but that Mary could get in trouble for stealing it in the first place, the chicken was returned to where it came from. While he (or she) wasn’t able to roam freely around the Cup field, it’s the thought that counts, right?


    Mary and I and the chicken

  3. Fancy tent: somehow, Lizzie, Charlotte and myself managed to finagle ourselves into a VIP tent. I’m talking open bar, open food buffet, violins playing, the whole 9 yards. It was wonderful and magical. Lucky for Lizzie and I, Charlotte has a great job that gives her cool perks like tickets to this tent. And we enjoyed it. Very much. If I ever get married I want it to be exactly like that fancy tent. I mean, they had a champagne bar. And gourmet grilled cheese. It was great. 
  4. I have the greatest friend and family: I somehow have lucked out in having really awesome friends that I grew up with along with making really awesome friends in college and post college. Anytime you get a group of people together who are from different stages of your life, it’s always a little worrisome on how they will interact together and if they will get along. Miraculously though, my crew, got along fantastically. Or at least I think they did? Well, to my understanding they did. There was one little spat I recall between Hannah and Lizzie and a free ticket and why one of them should have gotten it but the other one did… I don’t know. Nothing major. My siblings are also great in the fact that my friends like them. Again, or at least said they did and pretended to. This made the weekend that much better because how awkward would it be if you had siblings who were like the worst and didn’t get along with your friends and vice versa? Anyways, I got lucky. My parents were also troopers this weekend with having my rowdy friends housed within the walls of their home. My mom even saved the day after we came back from the bathrooms and my sister had cleared out in her car taking my belongings (including my keys and phone) with her in the process. So there we were, stranded in this horse field, with no way of getting home besides via foot. And if anyone knows me, you know that’s not really an option. Luckily my mom had a car and was willing to come get us, ultimately saving everyone from hearing me complain about walking home and my feet hurting. So everyone, thank my mother.


    Some of my best friends all in one place

  5. Portapotty man: during our first trip to the wonderful portapotties, we met a man. Not just any regular old man hanging out by the porta johns, this man was eating Funyuns. Out of a tupperware container. He also was very complimentary. We’re not sure if he was an undercover cop or a man that was paid to stand there and tell people they looked pretty but I would like to thank him. It was weird and definitely a little creepy but you made Hannah feel pretty and that’s all that matters.

Basically, this weekend was one of my favorite weekends of this year so far. I’m so very very happy I got to spend it with some of my favorite people in the world. And also glad that I obviously have found the greatest friends if they can all get along with each other and have fun with each other. Love you guys.


Siblings @Cup


Lizzie, Callie and myself #afewofmyoldestbesties

And just because I’m on a big Jay-Z kick at the moment and also because I may have 99 problems but having a great life/friends/family/fun isn’t one of them.


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