Sometimes words are not enough

I planned to write some thoughts regarding the Boston Marathon Bombing but I can’t even begin to encompass all the thoughts I have in one meaningless post. Last night I was talking to Hannah about how overwhelmingly sad I felt while reading and looking at pictures from yesterday’s events. I felt confused and angry because of how evil in that moment humanity seemed to me. I’m usually a positive person, but for some reason last night I fell into the negative trap.

After a somewhat restful night of sleep I awoke with a new perspective. Especially after reading about all the outpourings of love from stranger to stranger after the bombing occurred and others thoughts (here and here). That’s when I was reminded that while yes, there are terrible things that happen and terrible people responsible for these things that do happen, there are way more people with the ability to spread light and good than those who attempt to wipe out all the good and light in the world. And that’s what’s important. That for every couple of people who attempt to smear the world with their hatred and evil doings, there are hundreds of thousands of millions more that outshine them. 

Oh and whoever is responsible for the bombings… karma is a huge bitch.


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