Where the wild things go

I’m currently obsessed with not only this amazing group Alt-J but I’m also maybe even more obsessed with one of their songs called “Breezeblocks.” It’s basically one big sort of literary reference to “Where the Wild Things Are” which happens to me a personal favorite of mine from childhood. The notion of “wild” is a conflicting one. Growing up I heard adults talking about older girls as being “wild” and the type of girls you didn’t want to end up like. In college no one took the girl who everyone referred to as being “wild” seriously. Basically, reinforcement throughout the years has tried to tell me that being considered wild is one of the most degrading things that could be said about you. And then there’s books, “Where the Wild Things Are” for example, that are used to teach children that having a bad attitude and being disrespectful or so-called wild is bad. The idea of being “bad” is paralleled with being “wild.” 

For awhile I went along with this thought. That being “wild” is the same as being “bad” or a “bad” person. This however, is not true. There’s a huge difference between being wild and being bad. Being bad is when you do something that causes you to feel guilty. As a child it would have been stealing a candy bar from Food Lion or when my mom asked me to clean my room, shoving everything under my bed instead. Being wild shouldn’t be leveled with being bad. Because being wild is a wonderful thing to be able to be.

In the song “Breezeblocks,” Alt-J asks the listener “do you know where the wild things go?” The answer? “They go along to take your honey la la la.” Again, what’s with the association of a “wild thing” being someone with evil intentions? 

I used to have the background of my phone set to a quote from Thoreau- “All good things are wild and free.” And I agree with this all the way. 100%. Now I’m not trying to say that if you’re not a wild sort of person you’re not a good person. I’m just saying that because someone simply is a wild person they’re not a bad person. And when I say wild, I’m not referring to smoking crack behind an abandoned warehouse at 3 a.m. However, if that’s your deal, by all means, go for it. When I say wild I mean in terms of personality. I mean in terms of spirit and excitement for life.


After reading “Succulent Wild Woman” by SARK (I talk about this book a lot, I know. GO READ IT. It will change your life. No, I’m serious. It will.) I realized that being wild is one of the best things a person can be; not one of the worst. To me, one of the most refreshing things to see is an elderly woman being wild. And I can assure you she was more than likely wild her entire life. 

One of the reasons I love my friends and surround myself with the people that I do is because they’re all wild and amazing people. They’re all so very different but they’re still each wild in their own sort of way. Be it loving wildly, dressing wildly, drinking wildly, driving wildly (don’t recommend this one), talking wildly, whatever. There’s something wild about them that makes them unique and draws me to them. I fully understand what the wild things meant when they told Max “please don’t go, I’ll eat you up I love you so.” Because that’s sometimes how I feel about the wonderful and wild people in my life. And I don’t mean physically leave, obviously, I have a friend all the way in China (read Rachel’s blog here). I mean metaphorically leave me. Like breakup with our friendship. And sometimes I really do love them so much I could maybe eat them. Not really, that’s gross, unless you’re Hannibal. It’s kind of like that thing where you see a really cute baby animal and it’s so cute you just want to squeeze it but that would probably seriously injure or harm it, so you can’t.

Though it’s never quoted in the book, the tagline for the movie version of “Where the Wild Things Are” is inside all of us is a wild thing. And by God, it’s true. We’ve all gone a little wild at some point. Be it that time in college where you blacked out every single night or your secret that you dance around naked in your room every morning to Nickelback (I really really hope no one does that, unless of course, it really is your thing then… I guess… whatever, still not okay.), we all have that little bit of wild within us. So here’s to embracing your wildness. Because in my personal opinion, there’s nothing worse than a boring wet blanket. And I mean this literally and figuratively. 

And Alt-J, I like really love you, like so much. And I have an answer to your question about where the wild things go. They don’t go to take your honey or anything else. They go to hangout with me and my homies.



3 thoughts on “Where the wild things go

  1. Great post! How does a person as young as you are already have one of the best “secrets” to a full life? By the way, I’m ordering Succulent Wild Woman today.

  2. Sometimes I bite Munch because I love him so much. I love him so much that all I can do is bite him to hold in my excitement for this love.

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